Learning to share the space

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Famous Sharron joined us on a bike ride around Bibra Lake, helping everyone learn how to share the space while they walk or ride around the lake. She did not wear quite so much bling when she rode and she did wear a helmet. We had a fun morning spreading graciousness, being highly visible and sharing the path. We modelled behaviour such as slowing down on your bike when approaching other path users. Being friendly by ringing our bells politely, saying hello and thanking people for keeping left and enabling us to safely pass. The event was primarily for walking group members, but anyone that was at Bibra Lake at that time was treated to seeing Famous Sharron riding past in her gracious flamboyancy.

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David (Your Move)

I'm sure that Famous Sharron was quite a sight riding around the lake. A fun way to encourage people to share the paths.

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Thanks David. Yes is was a lot of fun riding with the highly visible Famous Sharron and having selfies taken with her and others at the event. We will be holding more fun bike rides in the City of Cockburn with her and others. Join https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoBug/ if you want to hear about the rides and events we do.

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