Making Bike Riders Happy

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn


"Many thanks for organising the bike racks to be installed. They are fantastic. Phoebe parked her bike outside last night when she attended a meeting and was very pleased that it was under shelter and did not get wet. She also commented that they were well positioned allowing movement around them."


It is great to get positive feedback from bike riders like this - it motivates me to do the extra work involved. I shared the above comment with the roads work crew involved with the installation. We were innovative and used existing u rails for bike parking. The bike racks are now highly visible as well as functional. The Funky racks are perfect at this community building where meetings are often held. It is easier to get there by bike now and the bikes can be seen via the window. It took a lot more work to do the installation, in conjunction with the users, making sure that their needs were met, that there was ample space around the racks, walking paths were not obstructed and that passive surveillance and shelter was available. The window turned out to be a sliding door, but the building manager and the users agreed that the door could be blocked as it was not used and they wanted people to access the building by the front door. A u rail was removed to steal a bike recently, in the local area, so we made sure that the rails were cemented in securely and a bolt linking all rails was installed underneath. A job well done and making local bike riders and others happy.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Jillian, Loved the way you outlined the steps and consideration that went in to installing these handy community bike racks.

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They invovled many meetings with roads staff, site visits, photos, emails and phone calls. I wanted to check that they were usable. I see so many racks installed throughout Perth metro that have been installed by people that don't ride and don't use the racks. Some have just been put in without any consideration to users and don't allow enough room to park a bike easily.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Great point, if we want our racks to be filled with bikes we need to make sure they are conveniently located and easy to use.

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