Making it fun and being approachable (1)

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

I have been involved in promoting active transport for many years, at Curtin University, City of Gosnells, BikeWest , the Department of Transport and in my role as TravelSmart Officer at the City of Cockburn.

Today I arrived at work and found a lovely gift at my desk. A toy bus to be added to my collection. It certainly put a smile on my face and has made me wonder who placed it there. It made my day. I stuck it on the divider above my computer screen so it can be seen by everyone when they enter the floor.

I make sure people know that I am the TravelSmart Officer at work by wearing bike earrings and shirts, decorate my bike, have models of buses, bikes, cars and even a helicopter in my work area. I reward behaviour by giving out merchandise to people that walk or ride and free smartriders to those who wish to use the bus or train for work .

I have fun at work and enjoy my job, especially after I discovered the Fish! Philosophy years ago.

The Fish! Philosophy was modeled after the Pike Place Fish Market and is a technique to improve work and life. It involves four concepts: choose your attitude; play; make someone’s day; and be there. Some workplaces and schools adopted these ideas back in 1998 but I think that these concepts are still valid today. Check the film or book out so you can learn more.

Make walking, cycling, using public transport, carpooling fun. Make it a good experience so people want to do it again. Help people who are uncertain and not sure whether they can do it, where to walk, where to ride or how to go about catching a bus or train, using a smartrider or how to start car pooling, even just for meetings.

I am still wondering who gave me the bus and hope I find out soon so I can tell them that it made me laugh and it made my day.

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That's awesome Jillian! You definitely stand out as fun and enthusiastic. Thank you for the inspiration :)

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Kylie (Your Move)

Such a key insight - make it fun! We are so much more likely to engage in something new if we think it is going to be enjoyable. Can't wait for you to share your new Share the Space video - it sounds like it fully embraced 'fun theory'!

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I found out who gave me the toy articulated bus today. There were a few people that it may have been from so I asked a few and found the person invovled today. She had borrowed a corporate smartrider from me recently and had a good public transport experience. She saw the models already on my desk and thought that I would like it. I told her that it made my day. The fact that I did not know who it was from made it an interesting challenge to find out - a bit like a secret santa!

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