Motivation to share rides more

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Yesterday I attended an informative session that has motivated me to share rides more and reconsider my need for a car in the future. There are more terms for sharing vehicles now as there are more ways to do it. Organisations and individuals can save money as you don't need to buy so many cars or provide so much parking. Most cars are underutilised, sitting idle 95% of the time and take up so much space in parking - at home and at work.

Shannon Savage, Curtin University, Kate Debenham, Uber State Manager (WA & SA) and JJ O'Brien, Business Development at Liftango gave presentations to let us know our options in regards to the future of car and ride sharing in the workplace and in general.

Multimodal transport is becoming an even more viable alternative when it is made seamless and affordable. Rather than parking your car at a train station and leaving it all day, using technology, you can choose other easy ways to get there. Ride share, car share and ride sourcing all have apps these days, which make it easier to match people and rides. I was amazed to see how many people use Uber to get to the train station.

It was also interesting to hear about mobility as a service, how automation might impact the future of transport and how Uber Air is closer to reality with test flights commencing in 2023 in Dallas and LA with Sydney/Melbourne shortlisted for the 3rd trial city world wide!

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Amy (Your Move)

Great that you found yesterday's forum so interesting Jillian - so did we! It's good to consider that there are so many transport options and plenty of flexibility. Let us know what you decide about owning a car in the future!

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