Replacing Work Trips

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

This photo is from the City of Amsterdam in 1970. Replacing car trips can move just as many people, but in a more efficient way. If every person continued to drive as a single occupant in a vehicle and drove for every trip they did in a day, we would be in a constant state of gridlock in some areas. Replacing road trips can be done in many ways. While you may not be able to replace all car trips, you generally can replace some.

At the City of Cockburn we have taken the following steps to help staff members replaces some car trips some of the time:

  • Flexible work times mean that we don't drive one in ten working days.
  • Staff generally car pool to attend most meetings.
  • Some meetings are conducted electronically, webinars, email, phone etc. without the need for everyone to be in the same room.
  • A phone call or an email is often all that is required, rather than a face to face meeting with the associated travel time.
  • Teleconferencing is being set up at our offices so we can reduce some car travel when we can.
  • The seniors bus is stored securely offsite overnight and is used as a staff shuttle bus to pick up staff each morning and afternoon and transfer them to and from the train station.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing some great ideas on how organisations can help their staff to reduce the number of trips they make. If you are after extra points we are always keen to know the number, or percentage, of staff who participate in these activities.

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Thanks Kylie - I have received some results from the workplace travel surveys that I have done, but I am still to analyse these further. I particularly like finding out who is interested in changing their behaviour. The journey to work is different from the at work trips so I am trying to influence both.

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