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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

It is a bit controversial "renaming" the City of Cockburn to Cockburnhagen - but with all the travel restrictions currently, you can't travel overseas but you can ride to Cockburnhagen.

Bike Cockburnhagen teeshirts have been well supported by so many people. The aim is to help change the way you think about the way you travel. Cockburn (like many Perth council areas) has a problem with traffic congestion so we are working hard on making the City less car centric and more bike friendly.

Everyone knows the Netherlands are a leading country for investing in cycling and is synonymous with the colour orange. Everyone knows Copenhagen is a leading city for investing in cycling and walking. What if we bought the Netherlands and Copenhagen to Australia what could it look like? The City of Cockburnhagen that’s what. Cockburn committed to investing in cycling and walking infrastructure.

I have been seen wearing the shirt on site visits with staff to Hope Road via Bibra Lake (top photo) one fine day and also with bike planning consultants exploring Coolbellup one rainy day.

Limited shirts are available for City of Cockburn staff, local councillors and residents that have volunteered to assist with community rides as part of the Cockburn Bicycle User Group (CoBUG). People are encouraged to join CoBUG on Facebook and come along to various bike events held through out the year. Information is also shared about new local paths and bike detours so you can avoid any roadworks.

We have some staff with Dutch and Danish family connections and they love the Cockburnhagen shirts. We have not been short of volunteers to wear the shirt and spread the Bike Cockburnhagen message as well as the Share the Space message.

We had some media coverage https://www.perthnow.com.au/community-news/cockburn-gazette/the-city-of-cockburnhagen-pushing-the-case-for-shared-spaces-c-1224032 and https://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/City-and-Council/Events-and-News/Latest-News/Share-the-Space-in-Cockburnhagen

The best promotion for cycling and walking is word of mouth and just seeing Cockburn staff out and about wearing the teeshirts when they ride. Some staff wear it when they ride and when they walk on their commute to work, some (like me) wear it when they ride for work and others when they ride for recreation. I love this photo from Youth Services. The Youth Services team wore the shirts when they rode to the skate parks with a bunch of teenage riders as part of their school holiday program.

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James (Your Move)

What a successful, if controversial, campaign - some say there is no such thing as bad publicity! I love it! Fantastic to see so many staff embracing the concept too - and that certainly means you have earned the 25 points associated with the "Promote Active Travel" activity that I have linked your story to. I have also given you 10 points for the 'good read' nature of your story and another 10 for the wider benefits of getting media coverage. Tot ziens, og vi ses snart!

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Thanks James. The shirts have become office wear as well, with some staff wearing the wearing the shirts in the office promoting the share the space message and also encouraging more people to ride.

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