Share the Space in Cockburn

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

City of Cockburn local coastal and lakeside paths are more popular than ever with cyclists and pedestrians, and the City is encouraging the two user groups to share the space and have a safe, positive experience.

Share the space signs and stickers were initially installed in January 2020, along the City of Cockburn’s coastal shared path network in Coogee. Messages included ring your bell, slow down, be courteous and thanks for looking out for others, were installed when the path was resurfaced.

Additional signage was installed during April/May 2020 and was also installed in South Beach after community requests. It will possibly be installed in other popular areas such as Bibra Lake, in the future.

Vegetation was trimmed back from paths to make sure that there are good sightlines and that the full width of the path can be used.

Local paths are becoming noticeably busier as more people venture outdoors for regular exercise, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bike sales have skyrocketed due to the pandemic and the number of cyclists have increased, with more riders now using our shared path network. It is wonderful to see lots of first time riders getting out and about, too. Many families are riding slowly together and exploring the pathways.

To keep Cockburn’s culture of sharing the space alive, it’s important that cyclists and pedestrians adopt a few golden rules to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone. Comedians Matt Storer and Famous Sharron produced a video that gives a few scenarios to use, to share the space like we share the fresh air.

Key tips to sharing the space whether you are riding a bike or walking on our paths include:

  • Ring your bicycle bell when overtaking pedestrians
  • Walk and ride on the left hand side of paths
  • Avoid being distracted while walking or riding
  • Walk your dog on a short lead and on the left hand side of paths
  • Allow plenty of room when overtaking others
  • Bike riders slow down on busy shared paths, and
  • Bike riders and walkers move to single file to allow others to overtake.

Everyone is asked to slow down and take care when riding, walking or driving in Cockburn, so we can all share the space safely and happily, residents and visitors alike, for many years to come.

The City of Cockburn is committed to investing in cycling and walking infrastructure and making Cockburn more pedestrian and bike-friendly every year.

For more information visit the Walking, Cycling & Public Transport page on the City’s website.,-Cycling-and-Public-Transport and EMRC

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James (Your Move)

Great excuse to bust out the old Shaz and Matt video - that cracks me up every time! Thanks for updating us on the Cockburn share the space campaign. Whilst it doesn't fit into a YMWP activity category, I have given you 10 points for the wider benefits of the campaign plus another 10 for all the details.

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Thanks James - I have been walking and riding that route with staff. I encourage more staff to get on a bike whenever they do site inspections with me.

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