Start a Bike Buddy Scheme

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

I started my first workplace Bicycle User Group by linking up staff members to more experienced bike riders to build confidence of bike riders. It does help to get more people riding in the workplace and to share the knowledge of local paths and roads. I provide extra support and advice to staff in my workplace to help them get riding, but I am also provide more support to the wider community so they can ride too. In this way, the workplace bike group expanded to a community bike group. The City of Cockburn is planning to run a series of bike buddy sessions supported by bike coaches so staff and community members can gain the skills and confidence to ride to work and ride with their families on the weekend or to school.

The City of Cockburn has gone one step further and is linking Bicycle User Groups so we are Bike Group Buddies. Bike groups from the City of Cockburn and the City of Gosnells have joined with the City of Fremantle to ride together exploring bike paths and working out the best bike routes in the local area. Doubling the number of people riding in the local area is easy if you bring a friend, even easier if you bring a group. Safety in numbers is another benefit as you are more visible when you ride together rather than riding alone. Most people that ride have some local knowledge of quiet back streets and paths that link areas so you can avoid riding near or along busy roads. Bike Buddies and Bike Group Buddies are ideal for sharing this information and making new friendships. My new Bike Buddies also help advocate for improving missing links in the path network, identify places where bike parking is needed and can advocate across the border in neighbouring councils so paths are better connected.

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What a great initiative 👏🏼 Keep us updated about the number of people you get riding on a regular basis. Did many staff members indicate they'd be more inclined to ride to school with their kids or on weekends?

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I have not had many staff members in the groups lately, mainly community members. We had 17 riding in the Gosnells group last weekend. I belong to two groups, one where I live and one where I work. The bike groups tend to ride together on the weekend as there are less work committments then. People tell me about special rides they do with children during school holidays and on the weekends.

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