The right place at the right time

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

I have managed to get a few staff to test ride e-bikes by placing the bikes in highly visible areas where people are gathering or walking past. Many people are interested in them but have not had the opportunity to ride one. Staff member Michael was just walking by and happened to be in the right place at the right time when I was testing some e-bikes to add to our bike fleet. He was keen to have a go as he had never been on an e-bike before. I am a bike coach so I gave him a quick e-bike overview. I had organised for a photographer from our communications team to take a few photos for the local media so our conversation and ride were captured.

I am riding "Cruisy Suzy" (our older style heavy e-bike) and we bought two more e-bikes after testing bikes from many bike shops. This photograph turned out well as we were in the right place at the right time, perfect weather, authentic smiles as we were really having fun and we managed to get the City of Cockburn signage in the background. The photograph has been used many times now and I have set up many more e-bike speed dates to see if the bike and the bike rider get along. People find it less intimidating as they just have a quick go and see what it is like to ride. Around 20 staff have had a go in this way. Some of them are now using the e-bikes to attend meetings and inspect bike paths. Others have started riding more and bought their partners bikes so they can ride together.

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Awesome! We have one each at three City of Albany workplaces and staff who use them love the freedom, flexibility and community connection.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Great photo and awesome tip about how to gently encourage staff to give them a go. I agree with Julie, once people try them they are really entice by the freedom, flexibility and community connection. I'd be keen to know more about what sort of trips staff make on the bikes.

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The bikes are mainly used by engineering staff and myself as TravelSmart Officer to inspect paths and issues in the local area, especially for our Bike and Walk Plan. You see the issues better by bike than by car. I also use the bikes to attend various community events and to promote cycling in general. Other staff use the bikes to attend meetings and events that are close by.

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