Workplace Walking Group

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

I am officially a volunteer Walk Organiser as I completed the Heart Foundation Walking volunteer Walk Organiser online training. This is the first step in forming my workplace walking group at the Operations Centre in the Industrial Area. If we can have a walking group, I think you can just about do it anywhere. I was a member of the walking group at our Administration Building and thought that I could just replicate this at the new worksite. We are more isolated, with no local shops but some staff just want to get outside and walk as they sit at their desks all day.

I have called it ROC as I have noticed some of the staff from Roads have been walking during their lunch break now and then despite the area being fairly unwelcoming. There are few trees and few paths. We will walk together and explore the local area. There are two industrial area cafes nearby and some others a bit further away. Currently few people walk in the area. We will try and change that. There will be safety in numbers if we walk together. We are more visible to others and company is always welcome. We may even be able to problem solve as we walk and improve some of the paths in the area.

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Kylie (Your Move)

A lunchtime group is great way to get active, connect with collegues and check out your local walking routes (or lack of). New activities, like starting a walking group, are another way to earn extra points.

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I only invited two people initially but interest in the group is spreading word of mouth. Another three people said they were interested today.

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Jillian - can you send me the link to the online training. City of Albany have a couple of people interested.

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Hi Carl - Visit and follow the steps. The local area coordinator will contact you and provide more details. We have a number of walking groups in the City of Cockburn for local residents and two in our workplace for staff.

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