Behind the Bike Shed - Relaunching Staff Pool Bikes

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

We are reigniting staff pool bikes for short work trips. Back when we were in the Admin centre in Kings Square, staff pool bikes were available but were not used very much – despite an easy info and booking system. We think it was mainly to do with them being stored away from the office in the Queensgate car park.

Now we are in our temporary home at Fremantle Oval, we have spruced up our staff bikes and built a new bike shed within easy reach of the admin office and library. The booking system is the same as our pool cars.

Tony Strickland, Manager Facilities and Environmental Management

“We wanted to make the bike booking the same as our pool cars, so that process and experience in booking and using pool vehicles are the same”.

“Our bikes are just as much an asset as our cars and so management and maintenance has been streamlined into our asset management systems”.

“We want the ‘normalise’ the process so there is no barrier to booking a bike, to get more staff using bikes for short trips – with 7 out of 8 city facilities being within 3km of the Admin Centre and Library”

(Thanks to the Heart Foundation pool bike case study)

Staff have already been using the bikes with Infrastructure and Project Delivery teams riding to the depot (1.5km) and others to the Leisure Centre (1km).

Information and promotion is underway to encourage more staff to use the bikes for short trips rather than the pool cars – getting cars off the road and freeing up pool cars for longer work trips (where destinations are not served by public transport – that’s what the staff Smartriders are for – see previous post!).

City facilities within 3km of the Admin centre

The Meeting Place
Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Fremantle Arts Centre
Legal Centre
Visitors Centre

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Gavin, glad to hear the Heart Foundation case study provided some pool bike inspiration. Regular promotion is key to pool bike success, so great to hear that you've dusted them off and moved them to a more visible location. You have earned 30 points for providing pool bikes and an extra 20 for stepping us through your latest promotion. What sort of bikes do you use? The look nice and light.

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Umm - havent looked at the bike brand - will have to get back to you - but they are super simple and tough

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Found it - Papillionaire bikes -

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