City of Fremantle new Bike Facilities at Walyalup Koort

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

We are fully operational and in the new Walyalup Civic Centre at Walyalup Koort (former Kings Square). The new End of Trip facilities are already being well used. Features include a nice wide automated door for easy access, 27 wall racks and 4 floor racks for heavier/larger bikes including e-bike and e-scooter charge points, with room to expand in the future. Showers, change area, drying racks and lockers are available for riders and walker commuters as well as people needing to freshen up after a lunch time walk or jog.
To promote and celebrate the new facilities, with support from the Department of Transport, we ran a Speed Date a Bike session for staff for tips and tricks on how to get back on a bike and into a healthy and economical commute. We also used our Your Move points to provide incentives by having local bike shop vouchers and travel towels. Six staff took part and found it very useful. Our two voucher winners had this to say -
Cassie “I joined the session to encourage some of my colleagues to join in with me and get more people riding! I feel confident on the bike but you can pick up bad habits along the way so it was good to go back to the basics. I learnt some tips to properly fit your helmet and safety tips like using the bike as a buffer between you and the traffic when hopping on and off. Also, a great tip about angling the bike down to the floor if you’re hopping on with a skirt so it’s a bit more graceful!”
Kay “the workshop was super good for me as I've not be on a bike for many years. The instructor was informative, nonjudgmental and very likeable. She was very good. I’m glad I did the workshop and it has provided me with some confidence as I'm hoping to use City bikes to ride around town and attend meetings."
As part of the staff move into the new building our Change Team ran daily induction sessions including tours of the End of Trip facilities, locker allocation, access to staff SmartRiders and active transport options around Walyalup Koort. This has carried over to all new staff inductions and includes a buddy system to get to know all the great building facilities for active transport.
Walyalup Koort and surrounding streets now have more bike parking opportunities including 30 racks in prominent locations with more planned as landscape works progress.

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David (Your Move)

Great story Gavin and great to see bike facilities at your new workplace promoted to staff members. It will be interesting to see if staff use bikes more for commuting and local business trips – time for a survey once everyone settles in?

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James (Your Move)

Wow - great to see these amazing facilities launched! Nice that you have even thought about charging facilities for ebikes. You have ticked off so many YM activities here: New bike parking, showers, drying racks, lockers, promote bike facilities, tour of bike facilities, public bike parking - totalling 370 points plus 20 for giving us all the details. Some great infrastructure backed up with innovative promotion. Well done 🤩!

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