City of Fremantle - Staff Travel Survey

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

We are gearing up to undertake a staff travel survey across our 8 work places - to find out how we are travelling and identify ways to encourage active transport. The last survey was in 2010 which had: 79% drove to work, 6% drove a work car, 2% were passengers, 8% took public transport and 5% walked or cycled. The survey will also highlight any changes to commutes since we moved from the old administration building to the temporary office at Fremantle Oval as the new building in Kings Square is developed (which will have awesome end of trip facilities). This is also part of our corporate sustainable transport goals as a One Planet Council. Stay tuned for more staff stories and survey results.

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Amy (Your Move)

Great to hear that City of Fremantle will be doing a travel survey Gavin! Thanks for sharing your previous results too. We're really looking forward to seeing the latest results, and will be able to give you at least 50 bonus points for the activity. Fingers crossed for great mode split results! :)

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Cheers Amy (I'm quietly confident we have improved)

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