More Green Transport Choice for Staff

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

Most of our staff fleet cars are hybrid, but we are about to trial two electric “Vespa type” scooters that a local start up GGo will be using for their ride sharing program. The scooters are parked in a custom ‘garage’ installed in the car park behind our main administration office in central Fremantle.
The reasons we are helping with this trial are to:

• Reduce fleet car fuel usage. If it is assumed that these scooters get 75% of the use of the average fleet car, it will save a total of $1,400 of fuel over the trial.
• Reduced ‘wear and tear’ and maintenance on current fleet vehicles.
• Opportunity to trial a more environmentally friendly, low carbon transport option.
• Detailed usage statistics will be made available as a part of the trial which will be useful in assessing future options.

GGo are a local Fremantle start up, so this aligns with our One Planet and Economic Development principles and objectives (think local – act global).

Here’s a video of staff getting a go on the scooters.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the rundown and video of your GGo electric "vespa" trial. Even though it isn't directly related to active travel (meaning you can't earn extra points for it), it has to be a good thing in term of environment benefits. Have a great break and see you in 2020 (if not before!).

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