More Staff Bike Parking and Key Learning

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

As a New Year present our Facilities team have freed up a storage container at the City’s temporary Administration Centre for additional staff bike parking. Keeping to our port shipping and maritime roots, the Facilities team converted a shipping container surplus to the City cleaning team requirements, to provide additional bike parking. The current bike parking container has the wall mounted racks, which work great for lighter bikes or if you are strong – but not for heavier e-bikes, cargo bikes or kid-carriers. The new container caters for staff with these types of bikes, has charging points, will have shelves and hooks for helmets and clothing and frees up community bike parking in front of the library. Key learning – bike parking is not generic anymore! The bike containers are great but we are all looking forward to using the end of trip facilities in the new Administration building in Kings Square in 2021, which we hope will get more staff out of cars and into active transport.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Gavin - welcome back! Your opening story for 2020 shows that CoF takes bike use very seriously and doesn't expect users to just make do during the transition period. Installing these facilities has earned you 80 points, plus 10 for giving us the complete low down. Catch you soon!

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