Scavenger Hunt Won't Stop! Promoting Active Transport, Community and Local Business

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

As part of Bike Week we organised a scavenger hunt around the city as a fun and interesting way to use active transport to explore and learn about Fremantle.
A couple of families took a little bit longer but used the hunt as a family activity over the last month.
It also led to interaction, active play and contributed to the local economy – and they are sharing with friends!

Here is some feedback received this week -

“Thank you so much for sending through the PDF for the Scavenger Hunt. It has taken us a month and four separate outings but we had a great time and we did it!
We cycled, walked, ran, took the pram, and caught the bus. We did some as a team of five (two adults, three kids: six, four, and 20 months), and some we split up. Add in some dinners out, packed lunches, plays at the various playgrounds en route, and lots of adventuring.”

“Great fun, here's hoping there are many more such events in the future!
Thanks to all who were part of organising it. I've forwarded the PDF to a few friends to do with their kids when they have a weekend free. Just for fun.“

Could be a great way to activate people and places all year round?

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Gavin for sharing how participants used your Bike Week activity to create family outings exploring local places by bicycle. Great photos. 15 points added.

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