Staff travel to work survey - results are in

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

Over 100 staff across the City of Fremantle did a travel to works survey and the results are in!

The last survey was in 2010 so we thought it was about time we found out how we were travelling – and the results are awesome (not that we are modest or anything).
55% of surveyed staff drove to work, down from 79% in 2010 with a whopping 19% using public transport and 12% walking or cycling.
We asked staff if they had changed their method of commute in the last 12 months and interestingly half changed from active transport to car due to either moving further away from work or due to an injury. The other half swapped from car to active transport mainly due to moving closer to the workplace.

The top 3 things people suggested that would get them on to active transport and out of the car were - improved access to public transport (and cheaper fares) living closer to work and improved cycle/footpath network
We can now look in detail to program and identify ways to make active transport an easy and attractive choice – and spread the message to staff.

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Amy (Your Move)

Awesome results indeed, Gavin! That's fantastic that you've had such a drop in staff driving to work! We've given you 50 activity points for the staff travel survey, and bonus points for the easy-to-understand infographic.

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Thanks Amy - hope to see a further drop when we get to our new building with its state of the art end of trip facilities

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