Staff Work Bikes and Bike Plan Review Community Survey

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

It’s been 12 weeks since we relaunched the staff work bikes – an initiative to reduce pool car use and get staff active for short work trips. So far the bikes have been booked 40 times – an average of 3 times a week – we will keep monitoring to track how we are going. There has been some sneaky use without using the booking system, but hey, at least people are riding.

The results are in from the recent community survey for the review of the Bike Plan. The mapping, ideas and survey are all being collated to inform the new City Bike Plan. There were over 200 ideas and comments on the interactive map, in addition to the survey. We are currently finalising the analysis and will post the survey results as soon as possible.

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Amy (Your Move)

Great to hear the pool bikes are being so well used, and that you're keeping track the progress. Fantastic that you've received so many comments on the City Bike Plan too. We'll get back to you shortly to give you some more points!

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Amy (Your Move)

Hi Gavin, we've added your extra activity points for promoting bike facilities. Great that you are continuing to promote and monitor the pool bikes. Are you finding the scheme easy to manage? Do you have a regular maintenance schedule?

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Hi Amy, so far it's been pretty easy to manage and the outlook booking system is working well - no conflicts that I am aware of. We are working on getting the bikes as 'fleet' so that maintenance is scheduled in like we do with cars - though at the moment maintenance is a bit ad hoc

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