Your Move Champions

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

For the 2020 Your Move Awards we nominate two outstanding people who help design and construct infrastructure, communicate and educate to encourage the use of, and promote the benefits of Active Transport, particularly cycling.

Each of them contribute enormously to the City’s staff/corporate Active Transport initiatives such as managing and promoting the staff pool bikes and Visitor Centre free community bikes, continual liaison with the community such as the Bicycle Reference Group, sporting and community clubs and organisations and involvement with corporate and community health and well-being initiatives.

It’s through these efforts the City of Fremantle has seen an increase of people’s riding commute to work from 2.9% to 3.1% and a recent city centre cordon count found a 13% increase in people riding since 2012. Staff Active Travel to work has also increased to 19% using public transport and 12% walking or cycling.

Dwight Kostusik
Over the last five years, our Traffic and Design Officer (don’t let the ‘traffic’ fool you) has been integral in designing and coordinating the installation and monitoring of four bike counters on major cycling routes, the installation of 11km new on-road bike lanes, 1km of off-road shared paths, 6km of Bike Awareness Zones, 2km off road shared path upgrades, bike queue jumps at major intersections and low speed zones in the city centre. Dwight has also overseen the installation of 160 bike parking infrastructure and numerous bike friendly traffic calming throughout the City. Dwight is also integral in advising on bike infrastructure in the development of the new Bike Plan, Department of Transport’s Long-Term Cycling Network development and various infrastructure and development applications.

Erinn Litchfield
Erinn is our Community Development Officer – Health and Well-being and runs the City’s annual staff and community Bike Week/Month activities in addition to her day to day work. Erinn has expanded the annual Bike to Work Breakfast to include community events such as Light My Ride, Fremantle Scavenger Hunt, bike maintenance workshops, kids and adults riding confidence courses, history and street art bike tours and Ride2Work days to name a few. Erinn has also expanded the events to include the community and local businesses such as bike shops, hospitality and community groups such as the local Bicycle Reference Group. Through Erinn’s work she reaches over 300 people each year through her cycling and well-being events (and this doesn’t include staff events and programs).

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James (Your Move)

That's a couple of inspiring nominations Gavin! I have given you 10 points for sharing the all details of Erinn and Dwight's activities in the active travel sphere. I haven't read about Erinn's history and street art tours before though. Has she done one this year? If so, perhaps a story on it is in order?

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Hi James - unfortunately we haven't been able to source the history and street art tours this year due to operator shut down with COVID-19. Hopefully next year!

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James (Your Move)

That's understandable - I'll look forward to it then in 2021!

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