Champion Networking Meeting - Term 1

Rachel Orbuck
City of Joondalup

On Tuesday 12th March I hosted a Champion Networking Meeting for 6 primary schools within the City of Joondalup at Whitford Library. I was very excited as this was my first event as Active Transport Officer, and the first time these awesome champions had the opportunity to meet one another. The 7 champions attending were made up of a mixture of teachers, parents and school officers which demonstrates how the role of champion can really be taken on by anyone in the school community with a passion for active travel.

Kicking off the event, I discussed my role as Active Transport Officer and detailed what support I can provide to the champions and their schools. We then enjoyed a presentation from Hillarys PS Champions, Marisha and Jayden, outlining their success with Your Move, and listened to special guest Sam Jamieson (DoT) present a recap of the Your Move program and upcoming events. I also presented information regarding the application process for a children’s crossing as this certainly has more layers to it than even I was aware of!

We then had some planning time over afternoon tea in which the champions used printed resources from Your Move including an activities calendar and term planner and generated some great discussions at their tables. It was wonderful to see the champions sharing ideas with each other.

Champions went home with City of Joondalup bin stickers, maps for local areas outlining bus, cycle and walking routes, and a fun activities book for students.

To finish the session, I provided champions with an evaluation sheet to gain valuable feedback regarding the event to assist me in shaping future meetings.

Some learning points that champions took away from this event included:

  • Being made aware of WestCycle’s Teacher Accreditation Cycling Course
  • Walking Bus inspiration
  • Better understanding of how my role as ATO, and Sam at DoT can support champions

Whilst this was a very successful first event, a common feedback point from champions included more opportunity to have open discussions as a group to share their ideas and to have the time to ask each other questions. I relied on a PowerPoint presentation to deliver content, however it seems the most impactful content came from champion conversations.

A Term 2 networking meeting will be held in June where I hope to take this feedback on board and provide the opportunity for more engagement between champions and facilitate some great discussions. I would also love to see more champions getting involved and attending these valuable sessions.

Thank you to everyone who came along! I'm excited for the next one!

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Katy (Your Move)

This looks incredible Rachel! Well done on your first networking session as an ATO :)

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rachel! What an extensive ATO network session you organised - nice work 😊. Great to hear that you managed to learn a thing or two as well about the crossing guard process. You have earned 25 points for hosting this session and 20 points for sharing so much of what you covered.

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