February Staff Travel Survey Results

Rachel Orbuck
City of Joondalup

Throughout the month of February, I have been promoting the City of Joondalup's Staff Travel survey through the City's intranet portal and word of mouth. Success was seen with 173 surveys completed - exceeding my goal of 100!

I used the survey template available on Your Move and added 2 additional questions specific to activities I hope to run in future. The survey only took staff 5 minutes to complete and aimed to capture the travel behaviours of staff, in addition to better understanding barriers to active travel and what staff are interested in trying out.

An interesting point I observed was that 84 staff had completed the survey after 3 weeks - getting weekly intranet post reminders during this time. In the final week of February, I decided to email our Business Unit Mangers directly with the survey link to be distributed to their teams. That final week saw 89 staff complete surveys! This direct approach was surprisingly successful. This is something I will take on board for future promotions.

The results of the survey weren't surprising, with majority of staff commuting via car. This is evident when looking out of the office window - the staff carpark is always full, with additional overflow bays nearing capacity.

Interestingly, over half of staff (55.5%) live within 10km of the workplace which demonstrates the strong potential to enjoy a comfortable walk or cycle into work, not to mention the public transport facilities that we have nearby.

Whilst I am eager to promote active travel in the workplace and get some fun activities off the ground, I recognise that staff do face numerous barriers to active travel such as requirements to use work vehicles to attend off-site facilities, dropping off/picking up children from school, mobility restrictions and inconvenient/non-direct public transport routes - to name a few.

It is challenging to make changes to our routines, particularly if it makes things inconvenient, however I hope staff can appreciate that small changes can make a massive difference to their health and the environment.

I really look forward to being a part of this change!

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Rachel 😊. Lots of great info there from your survey. It is great that 38% are within 10km, and you even have 17% within 5km so, yes, there is certainly potential for positive change! You have earned 25 points for sharing these reflections and lessons learnt from your staff survey. See you soon!

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