Joondalup is Jumping Onboard!

Rachel Orbuck
City of Joondalup

City of Joondalup is a Your Move Workplace!

Active Transport is at the top of the list this year with the City’s first Active Transport Officer taking on the challenge to promote public transport, cycling and walking amongst colleagues.

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am very excited to be a part of Your Move and can’t wait to see what kind of active transport initiatives we can get up and running within the City of Joondalup workplace.

There are so many benefits of active transport that City of Joondalup employees could enjoy including reduced congestion and fuel emissions around the workplace; improved mental alertness and productivity; reduced cardiovascular and chronic disease risk factors; and saving money on fuel and car running costs!

We are SO lucky to work in the City of Joondalup! We are within close proximity to Joondalup train station, have frequent buses servicing our CBD, surrounded by many beautiful walking trails, and have the stunning Lake Joondalup on our door step. Not to mention access to the City’s great end-of-trip facilities!

I would love to see active transport becoming a popular habit, with staff taking full advantage of the benefits and the facilities we have around us. I hope to establish an Active Transport Working Group to promote and facilitate a range of fun activities throughout the year. Doing so will see us gain Your Move points that we can redeem for travel related products and services to further support our Your Move participation.

Today, I created a Travel Survey and shared it amongst staff via our Intranet page. This survey will last for 1 month and aims to capture the transport habits of staff and to identify intentions to adopt active transport habits. I have added 3 additional questions to the survey to gauge the interest of cycling and/or walking groups amongst staff and any barriers that may prevent staff engaging in active transport. Survey results will be posted at the end of February and will help shape our workplace goals and monthly activities.

Watch this space!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome aboard Rachel 🚢😄! Well done for diving in and getting that survey in place - I look forward to hearing the results. Great too to hear about your place for a working group - that will really help you achieve your aims. You have earned 12 points for posting your first story, 50 for your survey and 20 for sharing all that background and enthusiasm. Have a lovely week 😃!

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