Level up!

Rachel Orbuck
City of Joondalup

Today I attended Your Move Professional Learning - Take it to the next level. This event was held on Teams, with a range of guests from the Your Move Team and various schools. The session showcased the amazing efforts of three schools, highlighting their Your Move success and journey through the program.

I think each participant took something valuable away from this session with inspiring stories shared by three successful Your Move champions, and thought-provoking discussions.

As Active Transport Officer at the City of Joondalup, my role is to provide valuable support to local Your Move Champions and their schools. I can assist in promotions of events, organise incentives, and educate the school community about the powerful impact that Your Move can have. Something I took away from the discussions during the meeting were that champions may not be fully aware of the support they have available through their local government and to have this promoted during the meeting was great.

If you are a City of Joondalup School Champion reading this - get in touch today! :)

To conclude the professional development we were asked to consider goals and events we hope to plan for term two. For me, I hope to recruit 5-10 new schools within the City of Joondalup to join Your move. An event I aim to host will be another Champions Networking Meeting in June to provide a space for open discussion between champions about activity planning, successes and lessons learned.

Thank you to the leaders who facilitated the online session and to the presenters for sharing their journeys.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rachel - it is really nice to hear that as an LGA ATO you got lots of value out of the "Level Up" PL - and that schools are now more aware of how their Local Government might be able to help out. That is exciting that you are hoping to get a bunch of new schools onboard too 🙂. You have earned 50 points for attending, plus 20 for sharing all your thoughts and reflections.

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