CEO chooses pedal power for work commute

Ruth Behn
City of Melville

On your bike!

City of Melville CEO, Marten, thought it a bit embarrassing taking his electric assist bike for the 4km round trip commute to work, but as it is our quest to get our employees using sustainable transport, Marten certainly leads the way!

“Getting the electric assist has actually made it more viable for me to bike every day – walking took 20 minutes, biking takes me just a tad longer than the car. With the bike I can also wear my work attire and it gives me a first-hand view of safety for cyclists on our roads.

Jumping on the bike after a long day at work is refreshing, and I encourage more people to give it a go.” Marten Tieleman CEO, City of Melville

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James (Your Move)

That's a great news story Ruth - thanks for sharing! It is always encouraging to see executives 'walking the talk' (I wish I could find a synonym for 'talk' that rhymes with 'ride'!). Getting Marten into active travel has earned you 10 points, as has his advocacy of the YM aims. You have also earned a bonus 10 points for making this a good read. Let me know if you got any media out of this too, and I can give you some more points. Have a great weekend!

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