Links Rd Safe Active Street helping Planet A

Ruth Behn
City of Melville

The City of Melville with help from the Department of Transport, will install a safe active street linking Westfield Booragoon Shopping Centre and Riseley Street Activity Centre, along Links Road, Collier Street, Millington Street and Hope Road, onto Willcock Street.

Safe active streets are local streets with few cars, travelling at low speeds that prioritise bicycling and enhance conditions for walking. They are an important, new part of Perth’s transport network offering safe and comfortable routes for people riding bikes.

Flyover video showing the before and after.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing this Ruth - yes, slow moving traffic is a real benefit for pedestrians and cyclists - are cars even use less fuel too at lower speeds! I have added a link above to the flyover video - I think it illustrates really well what the City of Melville is look to achieve. Well done for the City in it's support for the fight for Planet A - and it has earned you 100 points too!

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