Walk Safely to School Day 2022

Kieran Birney
City of Rockingham

On Friday 20 May 2022, the City supported 26 local schools to host a healthy breakfast on the day to encourage students to walk, cycle, skate or scoot to school. City staff and Councillors joined Warnbro Primary School on their Walk Safely to School Day event to support staff and students to hand out stickers and prizes.

The City of Rockingham received positive feedback from several schools about their event and support from the City. Some schools opted to postpone their Walk Safely to School Day event due to the unfavourable weather and COVID issues with staff members.

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Thank you, Kieran, for accepting the Team's invitation to walk with us. The support given by COR has been ongoing & is appreciated. What's a bit of rain when you have an umbrella or raincoat?!

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James (Your Move)

That is really good to know Kieran - we knew lots of schools got involved, but I have no idea that CoR gave support to a massive 26 schools! You have earned another 10 points for sharing this valuable information here.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kieran - I have just upgraded your points here by another 40, in line with how we have scored your support to schools for WS2SD in the past. Have a lovely weekend 😎!

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