2021 Pledge: New bike racks and fresh air

Sam Jamieson
City of Stirling

Our aim for 2021 is to complete the upgrade of our bike storage as early as possible in the new year and then work on filling all the lovely new racks. Discussions have been held with the workplace group on the layout of the new storage and the facilities team have agreed to manage the project.

New bike storage will mean there are plenty more bikes for staff to use (~36 instead of 12) and a dedicated clothes drying area with extraction fans will mean the end of the stagnant smelly air (the bike store is currently used to dry many many towels).

Hopefully this era of abundant, shiny bike racks and fresh, clean air will herald in a golden age of cycling in the City of Stirling in 2021!

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James (Your Move)

Nice pledge Sam! Great to hear that you have the workplace group and facilities team on board. With 3x the bike storage available it sure seems a worthy priority for 2021. Your pledge has earned the City of Stirling 25 points.

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