City of Stirling makes their move!

Rachael Mackey
City of Stirling

In case you hadn’t heard the City of Stirling is now a Your Move workplace.

We’ve rekindled the fire for active travel here at CoS by putting out a recruitment call through management which drew in 10 fresh faces to help tackle the age-old question of how we get our colleagues moving.

We had a few members of the Department of Transport’s Your Move team present to help facilitate a brainstorm of opportunities, strengths and activity ideas for 2020.

There was lots of inspiration and we ended up going overtime because there was much to cover – going to be a part 2 early next year!

Stay tuned 😊

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James (Your Move)

Great stuff Rachael! And well done for posting your first YM story - that earned you 12 points on top of the 50 points you earned for successfully getting a working group together. Make sure you keep us up to date - for example you can earn another 25 points once you have "defined your issued and made a plan". I'll be watching this spot!

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