The results are in!

Rachael Mackey
City of Stirling

Our travel survey was open for three weeks and we asked an executive to promote it via email to the entire inside workforce (we're going to tackle the outside workforce a bit differently in the new year) and also published an article on our intranet.

This resulted in a whopping 170 respondents! That's almost 20% of CoS staff.

The results are unsurprising given there's ample free parking. The near 6% of bike riders was expected too, given there's a few passionate cyclists on the workplaces team and a legacy from the old TravelSmart program.

These stats are helping us prioritise the actions in our travel plan which we'll revisit in the new year.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rachel, good work getting the executive support (that earned you 10 bonus points). Good news also having the 6% cycle trips. Personally I was a little surprised that PT trips were only 5% given your proximity to the train/bus station. Let us know about your plan once you have worked through the priorities. Your travel survey automatically earned you 50 points when you entered the results last week.

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