YM Cup at Stirling

Sam Jamieson
City of Stirling

The Your Move Cup is well underway at City of Stirling now and momentum has slowly been building. We started out with a core team of players but an all staff email from a director and some gentle nudges from colleagues have inspired more supporters.

Eamonn is keen cyclist but rarely rides to work as he is often out of the office and often has commitments after work. Encouraged to sign up by a colleague, Eamonn has tried out walking to work three times a week and fitting site visits into the remaining two days.

Eamonn said he was pleasantly surprised at how much of his commute could pass through parks and reserves and hopes to carry on walking at least some of the time once the Cup ends. Switching even one or two journeys to active travel can have a big impact so it's great to hear the steps Eamonn has taken have been so positive.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sam - thanks for sharing the City of Stirling YM Cup experience with us! Thanks too for the introduction to Eamonn - it sounds like his new commute would make most people extremely envious. Sometimes it does just take a little rethink of our habits to see that we can actually rearrange things a little to add some active travel joy to our days. You have earned 40 points for the City's participation in the Cup and 10 points for giving us an inspiring read!

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