Your Move Champions Planning & Networking Session

Sonja Stemler
City of Stirling

On Tuesday, the City held its first planning and networking session for the Champions of the schools of the Your Move Schools Program.

We kicked off with an afternoon tea enjoying scones and fresh fruit, while having a casual chat until all attendees had arrived.

Participants were asked to share their motivation for being a Your Move Champion. The reasons were varied and included wanting to see kids move more and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, setting young minds for a day of learning, reducing the impact of cars around schools to wanting to introduce the feeling of freedom that comes from riding a bike. We all agreed the aspirational goal is to inspire and educate the next generation to get out of their cars, whatever the reason.

It was great to see the passion of participants in supporting and improving the physical, mental health, and well-being of our children and accepting the significant influence we can have on the next generation in forming positive and lasting childhood memories.

Carol-Ann from the Department of Transport gave an insightful presentation on the functions and benefits of the Your Move Schools Program, and how some schools are leveraging their participation in the program to benefit their students including new bike racks, shade sails, bike repair stations, painted pathway tracks and more.

Participants then shared how they were planning to encourage active, healthy ways to get around including a Walking Bus, Ride to School Day, Bike Education Day and Dress Your Ride Day!

The meeting closed with everyone feeling inspired to roll out some exciting activities in 2024!

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James (Your Move)

Wonderful, Sonja 😄. I never get tired of hearing all the reasons that people are involved in YM! Great to hear that lots of activity ideas got shared around and that the legendary Carol-Ann was in the thick of it 🙂. You have earned 25 points for hosting this network meeting and 20 for sharing all the details of the event.

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