Ride2Work Day event promotion

City of Subiaco

The city is promoting National Ride2Work day to staff and the community including BWA's Ride2Work Day Breakfast at Elizabeth Quay. The BWA event has been promoted in the city's internal staff newsletter and with posters placed in each workplace.

This year we are running a small Ride2Work selfie competition for city staff with some great prizes on offer for the best pictures!

The city will also be promoting Ride2Work Day more generally to our community through social media and posters on our noticeboards.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Julia, Great to hear about how Subiaco is peddling Ride2Work day to staff and the community. You have earned 40 activity points for your Ride2Work day activities. For bonus points please share some post-event pictures and let us know how the day went?

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Hi Kylie - definitely will share some post event pics!

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