Riding with the community for better access

City of Subiaco

The Technical Services team at the City of Subiaco is responsible for both building and maintaining infrastructure that facilitates active transport. When members of our community get in touch regarding issues to do with cycling and walking, our staff always head out for a look in person to make sure they understand the situation, and can respond appropriately.

Recently, a community member contacted our Sustainability and Transport Officer with an invitation for a bike ride to discuss some minor modifications to the City’s transport infrastructure that would help more people to cycle. The suggestions were helpful and doable, and included a range of actions like trimming bushes to allow for better visibility on Hay Street and fixing lumpy bits of the Fremantle PSP; we are working our way through the list.

One important item was the installation of a pram ramp at the Jersey Street end of Cardigan Terrace. The community member had noted that many people prefer to cycle on Cardigan Tce instead of Hay Street as there is much less motorised traffic, and it’s a natural route connecting Jolimont Primary, a group of shops and Lords recreation centre, amongst other things (pictured below). Our team met on site to see if a pram ramp was a good idea, found it was, and as a result it will be installed early in the New Year.

In Technical Services we understand that small changes like this can make a big difference to how people experience active transport, and in turn, how likely they are to keep travelling sustainably. At the City of Subiaco we welcome suggestions from the public about how to improve their local environment to support walking, cycling and scooting. We may not be able to do everything at once, but if it is a simple and logical request it can usually be fitted into the work schedule.

Author: Georgia Scott - Transport and Sustainability Officer

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Julia and Georgia, these small improvements do make such a difference. Glad to hear that Subiaco is taking their communities feedback on-board and turning it into concrete ;-)

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