Staff e-bikes - Nearly1 year on!

City of Subiaco

In August 2017 the city launched its new fleet of three electric bicycles (Smart Motion eCity). Each bike is based at one of the city’s main places of work; the Administration Centre (also near the Library and Community Centre), the Operations Centre, and Lords Recreation Centre. The bikes are being promoted as an alternative to using a pool vehicle for work related trips when travelling solo, and even for lunchtime leisure activities.

Further information about training sessions and booking an e-bike is on the staff intranet page and is promoted to new starters. Bookings are made in the same way as booking a pool car via Outlook. The e-bike has a bike lock, water bottle holder, and paniers for storing documents and folders, there are also six helmets of varying sizes for staff to use or they can bring their own.

Before booking and using an e-bike staff must complete a fifteen minute training session with the city’s Transport and Fleet Coordinator or Sustainability and Transport Officer. So far, 42 staff members have completed their e-bike induction.

The Administration Centre e-bike is the most used; on average 4-5 times a week, sometimes as much as 2-3 times a day! Some of the most regular users of the e-bike are the city’s Environmental Health Officers who find the e-bikes an easy way to visit multiple locations for inspections, especially along nearby Rokeby Rd where parking is very limited. However, the e-bike stored at Lords recreation centre is not as loved; the city’s Sustainability and Transport Officer has some plans reinvigorate interest in this neglected and possibly forgotten asset including a communications plan and e-bike induction refreshers for all staff.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Julia, what a great story (and great initiative). You have earnt bonus points for outlining some of steps required to make sure your pool bikes get used and for reflectiing on where you could improve. Great to hear that the Adminisration e-bike is getting such regular use. Would you recommend e-bikes for pool bikes over your standard bicycle?

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Yes - definitely. E-bikes are much easier to use when in office clothes. Great for short-medium solo trips, like meetings.

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