Bike activities at the City of Swan

Aimee Kontor
City of Swan

It has been a busy October and November with multiple competing priorities (which I am sure you can all relate to) so unfortunately sharing our plans during Bike Month and the results afterwards has taken a back seat - but better late than never! Plus our bike initiatives aren’t quite over yet…

During Bike Month we:

  • Inducted 4 people from Admin in the use of the pool eBikes
  • Booked a staff Rusty Riders Refresher lunchtime course but cancelled due to lack of registrations
  • Shared information about physical and mental benefits of bike riding, plus the money saving benefits of cycling to work, as well as our Travel to Work Subsidy whereby staff receive a taxable allowance for travelling to work via bicycle or public transport

We also:

  • Ran a Ride2Work Day Bike Breakfast for staff with free bike safety checks – 13 attendees including some from Landgate who have participated for many years

We have left:

  • A social ride later this Friday to a café for a bite to eat before work (9 EOIs)

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear from you Aimee 😊 and definitely better late than never! You certainly have been busy and good to hear that there is yet more to come. You have earned 40 points for getting involved in Bike Month through your promotion of the pool bikes and the benefits of AT, and your attempted Rusty Riders session (maybe some of the Swan staff need some WD-40 to get a bit of that inital rust off? 🤣). You have also earned 40 points for your breakfast event and 50 for the bike checks. Finally I have given you another 20 points for your detailed and engaging story. Have a great rest of the week and I look forward to hearing about the social ride.

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