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Aimee Kontor
City of Swan

It has been a while since we posted so today we wanted to check in and quickly share a couple things we have been doing or are planning.

Social Ride - November 2021

We never shared how our staff social ride went last year in mid-November – it was lovely! We put feelers out during Bike Month to see if staff would be interested in cycling to a local café for a coffee and bite to eat before work and organised a date which suited most. One staff member didn’t own a bike so borrowed the pool eBike and we ended up with 5 attending and 2 casualties – don’t worry, no colleagues were harmed during the ride - one staff member had a tyre puncture on route (which they repaired using a puncture kit gifted to them during the Bike Breakfast) and another realised that their poor bike would need more work before it could be ridden again (hopefully this was the incentive they needed to dust it off and get riding again). After cycling up a few hills and enjoying a well-deserved hot beverage and a tasty breakfast, we headed back to our various workplaces, feeling full and fulfilled.

Promotion of our Travel to Work Subsidy

Recently we promoted our staff Travel to Work Subsidy. New starters are informed of this incentive when they start at the City we try to remind staff via occasional posts on the intranet and stories in our staff eNewsletter. While the wet weather is approaching (or here already), we have many staff currently working partially from home which provides a great opportunity for staff to try cycling or catching public transport on the days they come into the office.

2022 Plans

  • Free community workshops about cycling and bike maintenance in the lead up and during Bike Month (October) as part of Thinking Green series
  • Staff Ride2Work Day Bike Breakfast
  • Free community workshop about eScooters?
  • Journey Planning session for staff during Bike Month?
  • Social Ride around Bike Month
  • A staff fleet eScooter??? Just an idea at the moment...

We are looking forward to getting some more travel related projects and activities going soon.

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James (Your Move)

What a bumper update, Aimee 😁! You might have been quiet but you have been busy. You have earned a total 195 points for all these activities including your staff social ride, Travel to Work Subsidy, work Smartriders, promote AT to new staff, and your Q1 planning session. There was also 20 points for sharing so many details. Don't forget to give us another update as all your plans develop!

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