Goodbye 2020!

Aimee Kontor
City of Swan

Everyone can agree that 2020 was a bit of a strange year. Regardless, we feel like we still managed to achieve a bit!

  • Youth in Bullsbrook celebrated Ride to School Day by using the City’s Bike Blender to whip up some delicious smoothies and received some YourMove goodies as well
  • We are up to 11 people who are inducted in the use of the eBike at Admin – a staff member even used the eBike to inspect a road that wasn’t open for cars yet, smart!
  • We tested a few common routes staff might take from the Admin building in order to compare travel time riding the eBike with driving – the results were surprising, with some destinations being pretty much the same and, one or two actually being quicker to cycle, if you count the time needed to adjust the car/eBike for use and park!
  • The Bike Month Challenge resulted in some friendly competition with the winner commuting to work an impressive 15 times throughout October
  • A small group of dedicated staff enjoyed a ride to a local café before work to celebrate Bike Month
  • Lastly, Swan Active Midland enjoyed testing out the eBike for a fortnight as part of Bike Month
  • The City’s Cycle Plan was endorsed by Council so we look forward to sharing it soon

Bring on 2021!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your reflections on 2020 Aimee. Yes, it is great to see the amount of active travel activities you were involved in despite the disruptions this year. Being activities we haven't heard about yet, you have received 25 points for promoting AT through the use of your Bike Blender and comparing trip times by bike and car. You have also received 10 points for giving us a good wrap up of your year. So, have a great break and we look forward to your updates in 2021!

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