The City held a Bikers Breakfast at Axford Park on 12th March to encourage residents to get back on their bikes now the worst of the summer heat is gone. There were over 70 RSVPs and 90 snags and 110 coffees served up.

There was a sausage sizzle, fresh fruit and yoghurt, free coffee as well as the talented Bike Doctor and WA Police on hand. It was great to see a mix of club riders as well as families and individuals on their way to work/school.

Axford Park is on a key part of our cycle network, the protected lanes on Scarborough Beach Road and the breakfast is a great way to activate this infrastructure. Next year we will be doing more to appeal to families and will look to work with the nearby Mt Hawthorn Primary to achieve this. We will also be looking to encourage more individuals to attend as we received feedback that it looked like an event for club cyclists unfortunately. Whilst everyone on a bike is welcome we want the events to appeal to a diverse range of people.

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James (Your Move)

Great report on your breakfast event Sam - I'm not so sure the summer heat has gone yet though! I could do with a City of Vincent coffee right now. Your event earned you 40 points, plus a bonus 10 for giving such a great run down of it, and another 10 for sharing the participation stats as well as reflecting on how to improve the appeal of the event next time.

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