Following a series of bike thefts from outside Beatty Park and Leederville train station the City has started a communication campaign to encourage cyclists to use a secure lock. Cyclists are also encouraged to join Bike Linc and register their bike in case it is unfortunately stolen. Examples of the signage in use can be seen below.

The City has also printed small stickers with similar information to attach to bike racks throughout the City.

We have endeavored to present cycling positively whilst still reminding people to be safe and secure, the last thing we want to do is scare cyclists away! As such we have been positively promoting cycling to the centre in the Beatty Park newsletter whilst reminding readers that members can access the excellent cycle cage free of charge.

We will be holding a joint exercise with Crime Stoppers WA in spring to encourage riders to join Bike Linc. The first 5 to sign up will receive a free D-lock.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sam - thanks for sharing your community bike security campaign. I like the location of your bike parking, right at the main entrance of Beatty Park - last time I cycled there (quite a few years ago) the parking was tucked around the corner. Your encouragement of vistors to come by bike has earned you 25 points, plus you earned a bonus 10 for sharing so many details. Don't forget to let us know about your plans for the rest of the year and you can earn points for the activity "Schedule a Regular Planning Session".

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