Connecting schools access guides

Francois Sauzier
City Of Vincent
The City of Vincent applied for a Connecting Schools Grant last year and have been working with three of our local schools to deliver access guides! It involved a couple of planning sessions and working with each school to determine walking and cycling routes. So great that these three guides have now been completed and are ready to be distributed either online or in printed format within each school community.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Francois, Great work. You've been awarded 40 points for completing the 'Apply for a grant' activity and a bonus 20 points for completing a partnership project - that is collaborating with your local schools. We would love to hear how they are received by the schools and if they result in any behaviour change!

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This is so great to see the final product Francois! Well done on all your hard work (and Scotty in Carto) making these handy access guides a reality!

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They look fantastic Francois! Who did you work with at the schools? Did you do surveys at the schools prior to distribution to determine whether they result in increased walking and cycling?

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Hi Julie - In most instances I worked withteh Deputy Principal and also a member of the P&C. Kids from a couple of years were asked to 'map their route' and this was then merged by the teacher into about 5-6 routes. We also worked with the YOUR MOVE team and the DoT Cartography gurus in getting the map together! A great team effort!

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