Host a Staff Breakfast

Francois Sauzier
City Of Vincent

On the first Friday of every month, our workplace hosts the Vincent Staff Active Transport breakfast rumble, which challenges people to cycle, walk, take public transport, carpool or skate to work. We put on a delicious breakfast and staff earn points for each mode - vouchers are won quarterly and then there is the coveted Active Transport Award for each category, given out every 12 months! Anita (pictured) is a standout participant, selling her car and buying an e-bike to ride to the train station. Even those who can't attend say that they are inspired to ride or catch public transport on the weekends. Compliments to the chef!

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ATA (Active Transport Award) Anita! Enjoyed reading the ATBreakfast Rumble; great idea to include the fritter recipe. Nice work, City of Vincent.

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Amy (Your Move)

Fantastic initiative Francois! The Active Transport Breakfast Rumbles sound fantastic - we are jealous of the fritters! Thanks for sharing the resource of your great flier also.

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