Lunch and Learn for employees

Tim Burns
City Of Vincent

Our workplace has regular lunchtime speakers who share their knowledge. In my new position as Active Transport Officer I had the opportunity to speak and present photographs this week. The hour-long “Lunch and Learn” session was a good way for other employees understand my role, get to know me and help support measures to increase active travel in our wider community. It was done via an on-line format so all employees had access including those working remotely.

Topics included:

How blank walls on the ground floor of buildings can make streets uninviting for walking if car parking is not put underground.

The importance of tree planting on the sides of streets instead of central medians so people walking and cycling can enjoy some shade.

There were also some simple tips for first-timers or people who haven’t considered active transport for a long time. Such as: it’s now legal for adults to cycle on footpaths in Western Australia, and Google Maps has live bus-tracking which makes it easy to know which bus-stop to use when you get close to your destination.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tim - a man of action I see! Welcome to Your Move, and well done for getting your first story up. Thanks for sharing your Lunch and Learn session. I have linked the story to the associated activity and that has given you 25 points. You also earned 12 points for diving in and posting your first story and a bonus 10 for giving us a good read. I learned something new today too - I didn't know that Google Maps also tells you how busy the service is - that is a really useful feature. Great to hear too that you shared a few thoughts on urban design. I imagine that the session generated some interesting discussions. Don't forget that you still have until Monday to post a pledge for 2021 (and earn that extra 25 points)! See you soon.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Tim, that picture of the car in the shade while the path is bathed in glaring light is worth a 1000 words and really 'illuminates' one of my biggest bug bears.

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Kylie, I'm happy to share a high-resolution version of the car in shade photo if anyone wants it.

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