The City has improved the cycle storage at our admin building. It used to be located in a far corner of our basement, the furthest point from the entrance and the stairs. It was also located next to some store rooms meaning bits and pieces were often left in the area blocking bike racks.

The area has now moved to be halfway between the entrance to the basement car park and the stairs to the office. New racks were installed that were easier to access and windows that previously let in lots of dust covered. We have also painted the floor bright yellow and painted a bright yellow walkway to the area. This will help with sign posting staff to our ebikes, many of whom didn't know where they were. The lighting in this area has also been improved.

We hope that giving the cycle storage area a new less of life will reward those that already cycle and it's prominent location will send the message that cycling to work is encouraged. In the future we intend to install encouraging messages on the walls as well as hooks for all the shiny new helmets we purchased from Your Move!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for 2020 Sam! Your makeover of the bike parking facilities looks like a really encouraging way to kick off the new year. I also like the idea of the future signage - I can picture a trail of intriguing signs leading the way from the offices to the bike facilities, or even some stencils in the car bays to challenge drivers to try taking the bike instead! Your parking reno has earned you 80 points plus 10 for the details.

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Hi Sam,

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