City of Vincent staff can now book a free one to one cycling session with BikeWise.

During this session an instructor will ride their commute to work with them and help them get over any small barriers stopping them from riding.
Bikewise call staff prior to the session to assess their ability and arrange a time and place to meet. The instructor then plans a safe journey to work based on this. On the day of the session the instructor meets the participant at their home and rides the route with them. They will stop at any tricky locations and junctions and show the participant how to safely navigate it. Once at work the Bikewise instructor is available to answer any questions at all and leaves the participant with a map of their route.

Staff can book these sessions through a short survey on our intranet. A month after they complete the session staff receive a second survey to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme. These sessions are currently a trial with only a few sessions available but if they are popular then they will become a permanent fixture.

We have had one participant so far and received some great feedback: I had been thinking about cycling to work for a while, but I was so apprehensive about all the little details that I kept putting it off. Patrick is really friendly and made me feel at ease despite the fact I hadn’t cycled in a long time. He showed me the best route to take to work, talked me through all the safety points, and answered all my questions. I felt a lot more confident after this session and I now cycle to work once or twice a week, with a goal to increase this in future. I would recommend these sessions to anyone considering cycling to work in the future

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sam, I really love this pilot program you are offering at CoV. I have linked it to the "Start a Bike Buddy scheme" activity which has given you 50 points. I've also given you a bonus 10 points for describing the pilot in such helpful detail. Please keep us up to date with how the program goes as I'm sure other organisations will be watching with great interest.

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