Continuing the promotion of Ride2Work day the City hosted a bike swap/market in Barlee Street Carpark. This event is held in conjunction with Bikes For Humanity (WA) and all the stall fees were donated to them.

The market is held every six months and at each market the car park is closed off first thing in the morning and sellers can reserve as many bays as they want to sell their wares, which can be anything from second hand bikes, classic roadbikes, vintage parts, odds and ends etc. Each bay costs a seller $10 and we had 27 reserved.

The event is advertised alongside our Bike Breakfast on social media, City website, at local bikeshops and on banners. This year we also asks local school to promote the event and ensured that Bikes For Humanity brought extra children's bikes. We also had Bikewise deliver some balance bike taster sessions which were a big hit for everyone involved and helped draw more families to the event.

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James (Your Move)

Sam, there are many ways to use a car parking lot, but in my opinion this is by far one of the best! Seeing all those bikes in the process of being re-homed (is that a word?) must have been very rewarding. I really like that you added in the balance bike taster for the littlies (15 innovation points for that). Apart from donating the fees received, how did it work with Bikes for Humanity - did they also bring in some bikes to sell? Your event earned you 40 points, plus 10 for level of detail.

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