I only live 5km from our office so really enjoy my short cycle commute as a great way to get some fresh air and wake up before work or unwind on the way home. Sadly everyone at Vincent is now working from home so all of our commutes have changed drastically. Personally I get quite restless if I go straight to work so I make sure I go for a walking commute around my neighbourhood each morning. It has been surprisingly nice getting to see more of my local neighbourhood, especially all the pomegranate trees growing on the verge!

We have been trying to encourage staff to keep up with/introduce exercise due to it's benefits for our mental health, which is all the more important in what is a stressful time. As such Breakfast Rumble has gone digital and staff can claim their usual points by exercising before a Zoom breakfast. This was good fun and a great way to stay socially connected with colleagues.

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Sam. The change seems to mean many more of us are walking or riding a bicycle and enjoying our neighbourhoods more... Thanks for sharing your story.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your commute story Sam - it has earned you 25 points plus a chance to win the BIG 700 points on offer. I must tell you I have been sharing your virtual Breakfast Rumble story far and wide as I think many other workplaces would really benefit from something similar - thanks again for that story!

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