City of Wanneroo 'Your Move' Champion Planning Session

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

The City hosted a planning session with Champions from our 'Your Move' schools.

Champions were eager to know what was available to them and collaborate with each other to plan 'Your Move' activities for the year ahead.

The session discussed key events that schools could use to promote 'Your Move' such as: National Ride to School Day, National Road Safety Week, National Walk Safely to School Day as well as Road Ribbon for Road Safety.

As well as grants that are available: Kick Start Your Walk to School Funding, Sporting Schools Grant, Bike Month and Connecting Schools Grants

Programs that can compliment 'Your Move': SDERA workshops and RAC education programs as well as BikeLinc.

Champions had the opportunity to get their planners/ calendars out to collaborate and plan activities and events for the year ahead. It was lovely to see everyone working towards a shared goal, to increase active transport in their schools for wellbeing, sustainability and decreased traffic congestion.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see you continuing to support your local schools so much, Sophie. I have upgraded the linked activity to "Attend a YM PD" - even though you were running the PD rather than attending it! This gives you 50 points (instead of 30) plus you get 10 points for clearly outlining the content of the session.

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Thanks James, I am enjoying supporting schools on their 'Your Move' journey.

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