FREE TRANSPORT- Staff Promotion

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

The City is encouraging its staff to take advantage of public transport this month which is FREE until the 28th of January 2024 with a Smart Rider and give travelling to work via public transport a go.

This news post is on our staff intranet page which all the staff in the City of Wanneroo can access, this includes the closest bus routes to the Civic Centre and Ashby Depot as well as JourneyPlanner for a more personalised route. The friendly traffic team is also available to assist with journey planning, routes and have hard copy ' map your move' maps handy for staff.

We are hoping that our rewards shop Smart Riders arrive by post soon, which will allow staff who don't own a Smart Rider to trial using one during the free public transport scheme. The City envisions that once staff trial the free public transport and see how easy it is, then it will become normal routine.

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James (Your Move)

Happy new year Sophie 🥳! Great plan to take advantage of this new initiative to give new PT users a taste of the Transperth system - excellent that the Traffic Team are offering the trip planning service too 😁. You have earned 25 points for this PT promo and 10 points for sharing the details.

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Happy New Year James. Our smart riders arrived too, thank you Piotr. :)

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