Hands up survey results- March 2023

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

Our results are in for our first 'Hands Up Survey' of the year. 104 out of 961 employees at the City participated in the survey. The survey found that 90% of the staff that took part in the survey chose to drive to work. The factors for driving to work included: dropping children off at school/ daycare before work, running errands before or after work, public transport options taking longer than driving to work and the distance the City is from staff members homes. Staff used other options to get to work including carpooling, cycling regularly, cycling occasionally, using the bus regularly and using the bus occasionally.

It would be interesting to see that if more staff engaged in the survey, would the results be different?! There was an option for staff to ask more about active travel options to work including the R2W coffee group and Map your Move and anything and everything to do with active transport including Journey Planner. I am looking forward to contacting participants to encourage active travel. Here's to receiving the 'Map Your Move Staff Travel Access Guide' and saving up enough points for a 'Get Back on Your Bike Lunch and Learn' to promote active travel in the City.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Sophie. Well done for doing the survey. It seems there is lots of potential for change 😁. It would be interesting to find out from the staff that currently take 10 mins or less to drive to work if they have ever considered riding. For some strange reason this story scored zero points automatically. So I have added 4 points for posting the story, 6 for the images, 50 for doing the survey and 10 points for your reflections on the results. Have a lovely weekend!

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