Last Ride2Work coffee of the year

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

Wednesday 6th December was the last ride2work coffee of the year. Staff met at the local coffee shop on their bikes, which were adorned in tinsel and decorations. Staff were sipping coffee and chatting away after riding to work. Some staff also chose to ride around the lake beforehand.

Bike riders were a mix of experienced staff who regularly ride to work as well as newcomers who have been inspired to ride to work after our ride 2 work breakfast or they were new staff at the City of Wanneroo and were encouraged to give riding to work a go.

All staff who attended received a stainless-steel drink bottle, from the 'Your Move' rewards store, thanks 'Your Move'. Here's a picture of some of our attendees :).

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for this update Sophie - great to see the bike group going strong. It is interesting that everyone choose to use the standalone bike parking and not the rack. If there is a technical reason for this it could be useful feedback for the team who installed these.

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Hi James, that was just for the photo :p :)

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James (Your Move)


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